Learning about what your school ignores—yourself

Virtual extracurricular course where you learn how to discover your strengths and activate your full potential while working with others

School of Learning

Ripples @Work School of Learning

The R@W School of Learning (R@W_SoL) is an online school that suggests a novel perspective for learning.

The model grows from the interflow of individualism, systems thinking, the cybernetic principle of feedback loops, and Piaget’s theory of cognitive adaptation.

R@W reimagines traditional learning by creating conditions that nurture unique individuality while striving for the achievement of collective goals.

The R@W_Sol offers two 16-week-long courses:

  • The R@W Smart Learning (R@W_SL) course designed for students.
  • The R@W Pedagogy: a professional development course that offers a set of novel approaches and strategies that can be successfully incorporated into teaching practices.

Ripples@Work (R@W) is a virtual extracurricular program that bridges the gap between what you learn at school with your individual interests and natural potential.
The logic of the R@W model of learning is that if you develop a repertoire of competencies and skills based on your individual strengths and unique capabilities and know how to use this repertoire to satisfy other people’s needs in a positive way, you can not only find financial stability but also open the path to self-realization—an essential attribute of success and happiness in life.

R@W Creates a Learning Environment for You to:

Discover your unique qualities—not what you have been told by parents or teachers, but what you discover for yourself.

Practice your academic skills
in real-life situations in accordance with your individual preferences—that is, developing your individual agency.

Learn strategies for continuing to cultivate your
individual agency.

Develop awareness of your individual strengths and how to find stability in life by the application of your
individual potential.

Learn how you can successfully communicate with the natural, social and technological aspects of your environment in order to control and therefore enjoy your future life.

Self & the Natural, Social & Technological Ripplework

The name Ripples@Work defines the essence of the learning model.

The fluctuating dynamics within one ripple, as well as the dynamic pattern of interacting ripples—the ripplework—is our two-dimensional visualization of the learning process.

The Ripplework

The learning process is seen as the interaction of the individual learner (self) with the natural, social, and technological (NST) aspects
of the surroundings—or, in our model, the ripplework.

The ripples are representations of the various aspects of the NST surroundings that are in continuous fluctuation, expansion, and remixing with each other.

Any one ripple affects the movements of other ripples, just as it is affected by them.

For example, technology affects people’s attitudes, promotes a new understanding of the world and modifies people’s behavior. At the same time, increased knowledge and improved conditions of life lead to further advances in technology.

Large-scale industrial activity affects the natural world, and this, in turn, makes people think about altering the methods of production and consumption.

The learning process has the same two-way dynamics:  individuals act on the aspects of the NST surroundings, tests them in order to better understand their qualities, and alter them in accordance with their own interests. And by doing so, those individuals are themselves changed: they expand their knowledge and develop the life-skills that are unique to their personal abilities and interests.

The R@W model promotes learners’ self-reliance in using their existing expertise, following their interests and realizing their natural gifts. As a result, learners discover and cultivate their own individual know-how, which they can use to solve real-life problems.

The result of this process is the development of individual agency—the ability to achieve a goal by the optimal use of individual competencies and gifts.

To read about the meaning of the second dimension of the ripple’s inner dynamics in the learning process of the R@W, go to the Learning Ripple page.

Three Ways Students Benefit from Joining the R@W Smart Learning Course


R@W_Smart Learning course will help to bring the best out of you and develop your unique repertoire of personal competencies and skills so that you will be equipped with the understanding and life-skills you need to solve real-life dilemmas. .


 R@W_Smart Learning course is an excellent platform for generating an original portfolio that demonstrates your academic expertise more effectively than grades, and your best personal qualities more impressively than references from volunteering jobs. Whether you are applying for university, college or a job, your R@W_Smart Learning portfolio will always stand out.


 Regardless of whether you are training for a higher degree or not, R@W provides you with an outstanding opportunity for first-hand experience of new ventures.

Rather than depending on
the volatile job market, you will learn how to rely on your unique individual skills to create new jobs opportunities for yourselves and others.

What is R@W Learning Model about?

Ripples@Work (R@W) involves an active process that merges the learning of academic material (technical skills) and the development of life skills (soft skills).
Consequently, R@W is a core skills system that enables you to distinguish the information that is relevant to your individual interests, imagination, natural liking for places, activities or topics, or personal concerns and investigate this material by using your best individual qualities and existing knowledge.
The R@W system utilizes feedback loops to develop your intuitive communication with the natural, social, and technological (NST) surroundings and ability to control the processes of self-organization by means of:
• Critical Self-Reflection;
• Multimodal Meaning-Making and Representation
• Interdisciplinary Collaboration
• DIY Creativity

To learn more about R@W learning techniques and the advantages it offers you as a learner,

You can also book a personal tour with Dr Lena Redman as your guide.