Ripples@Work blog is a meta-page, or in simpler terms, the page that is mapping out the thinking behind the R@W model for learning:

• How has it come about?

• What are its foundational principles?

• Why does it suit digital learning? and so on.

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To learn about how lopsided education produces I-Don’t-Care (IDC) culture and causes the radicalization of young people today, visit this website:

Natural Technological Social

Ripples@Work: Learning through Active Discovery

We’re excited to announce the start of a project in which the members of our enthusiastic online community – parents, teachers, education researchers, and students – will explore and test the model.


How Many Legs Does a Grasshopper Have: Relevancy of the Learning Task

People talk a great deal about ‘our school’ and ‘our education’ and how they need reinventing, but whose position are we taking when we claim our ownership over schooling?

Puzzle-Solving Education

The fundamental difference between the Ripples@Work (R@W) model and traditional education is the vision of the world on which they are built and, following from this, the vision of the learner.

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