The Ripples@Work Learning Model

The Ripples@Work Model is a reflection of a worldview that has left behind the mechanical clockwork of Isaac Newton and embraced the complex, changeable and competitive modern reality where:

Thus, R@W sees the learning environment as a turbulent ‘ripplework’ where the learner is presented in a new light. R@W pedagogy attempts to release the learner from the confinements of the prescribed curriculum and standardized testing, whose restrictions hinder people’s ability to understand the complexity of the modern world, adjust to the changeable conditions of life and withstand the extreme competition of the contemporary market.

By releasing the learner from these restraints, R@W aims to create a learning environment in which the learner takes ownership of how they acquire knowledge and development of life-smart skills. The cultivation of individual agency—the capacity to act upon individual imagination, intuition, talents, abilities, and interests, using technology in a way that is beneficial to the natural and social surroundings—is the focus of the R@W model of learning.


The 4Cs

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