R@W Smart Learning for Students

If you see yourself as a creator of your own destiny;

If you feel you have a calling to make the world a better place;

If you want to live off your own strength and interests;

If you dare to think about creating a ripple that rolls your dreams into life;

— R@W_Smart Learning (SL) offers you extracurricular learning conditions where you can explore your core values, test your abilities and start developing an individually life-smart set of approaches and skills to realize your full potential.

Your formal education is focused on equipping you with the literacy/numeracy and other skills essential for your ‘self-optimization’ and ‘heightened efficiency’—as if you are an element that has to be perfected for the proper functioning of a larger system, like a cog in a huge clockwork device. And how you are prepared and where you will fit within that socio-economic machine is determined by the logic of the current market.

Pretty depressing, isn’t it, if you have to think about yourself as an object in a soulless production/consumption mechanism?

Well, at R@W we say: ‘It shouldn’t be like this.’ 

And let‘s see how it can be changed.

Your grandparents and parents had to learn from teachers and textbooks by following a prescribed curriculum. Where else could they get knowledge if not from books? And who else could tell them they were on the right path if not the teachers?

Nowadays, you carry a gigantic catalogue of instantly updated world knowledge in the pocket of your pants or your bag. But you’re not allowed to use this super-smart device in your classroom because instead of working on the task assigned to you by your teacher, you might be looking at something you are more interested in.

You can discuss a topic you’re enthusiastic about with other online enthusiasts. But you’re not allowed to do so for your learning because the people you make a connection with on the Internet may not be the ‘right’ people to direct you to the ‘right path of knowledge’. 

And although teachers’ and parents’ concerns are not baseless, does it stop you from exploring the topics that matter to you? —Absolutely not!

The problem is that even though the things that you like are just a few clicks away, you can’t always afford to attend to them because most of your time is hijacked by education that is as old as the first radio set. And what is really annoying is that you won’t even remember most of the stuff you wasted that precious time of yours learning. As the years go by, all the learned material that wasn’t really important to you will be covered by the layers of crackling static—to continue the radio analogy. It would be like, ‘Oh yeah, it rings the bell, I remember learning about it, but what was it about?’  In reply, there is just crackling static. As is said, ‘Knowledge not used is knowledge lost.’

You may agree with me but still point out that we use computers in our classrooms—not vintage radios.

I know, but here lies the gist of the matter. Even though you use computers and other digital devices practically every minute of your life, your formal learning, where you spend most of your life, remains under the control of the teacher, who is under the control of the state system of standards. That is the only path available for you if you plan to undertake further training and get a decent job… But wait a minute! —this is also an old-radio concept.

The nature of jobs is changing, and economic relations and social structures are in the process of rapid reorganization all over the world—but you’re still being prepared for the grandpa-radio type job!

How, then, can you equip yourself for your future life and figure out the path to success? The R@W answer to this is: by learning about yourself.

Nothing can give you more stability in life than learning about your own unique abilities and developing a set of knowledge and skills that is relevant to them. This can become your most efficient equipment for meeting any of life’s challenges.

The R@W Smart Learning (SL) course is where you learn about yourself, discover your unique valuable qualities and learn how to develop a set of personal approaches for dealing with life’s challenges.  

In R@W_SL you will get a sense of how to see yourself not as a cog in a large economic machine that devours your specialness and talents, but as the navigator and steer-person for the journey of your life, shining all the way no matter what stage you are at.

A navigator is a person who is an expert in communicating with the environment and adjusting his or her behavior in accordance with what he or she observed and learned. This is the circular causality of feedback, which is the main principle of cybernetics.

Watch and listen to this great explanation of this principle by professor of cybernetics, Paul Pangaro:


The R@W learning model is built on the core concept of cybernetics—feedback loops. The R@W_SL course is about you learning to become a conscious observer of your own understanding of the place where you live, the people you are communicating with and the technology you use every day of your life.

It is also about your ability to see those aspects of your immediate surroundings within larger systems of global ecology and the world’s socio-economic-political relations.

How to find your own place in this complex life structure and how to develop a set of self-correcting techniques in order to succeed in this complex, changeable and competitive world—these are the main concerns of the R@W_SL course.

And it is designed to offer you specific conditions that allow you to find solutions.

The R@W course is an investigative group project that lasts sixteen weeks:

  • from the first week of March to the end of June and/or
  • from the last week of August to the middle of December.

With each new season, a new topic is chosen for an investigative project or, if decided by the participants, the previous project may be extended to the next season.

If you’re interested, you can continue attending R@W_SL for two years, testing yourself in different projects, working with different groups of people, building a stronger personal repertoire of individual knowledge and skills, generating a richer portfolio for your future enrollments – maybe even establishing your own start-up based on what you’ve learned in R@W_SL.

The R@W_SL course is delivered in virtual two-hour weekly group meetings–Thursday Studio, plus four hours of individual work during the intervening weeks.

The course reflects the nature of global networking and students may collaborate with group members and other participants from around the world. English is the language of the course. Therefore, students are required to be able to communicate fluently in English.